Building a Profitable Aggregator business

  1. Encouraging consumers to only use their services for a particular product or activity: As the business is not producing anything, the only incentive is to retain the consumers. This enables vendors to understand the value you can provide them and they will continue their partnership with you
  2. Onboarding vendors: To retain your consumer base you need to onboard vendors which can deliver and provide a variety of services for the consumer to think of you as one-stop shop for that industry
  3. Branding: This is the only major thing for the aggregator business to spend most of their money and time on. The consumers will not come to you even for their first trial if you are not able to establish some kind of trust with them
  • How many vendors are there for you to onboard
  • How many consumers will be able to accept your services
  • What are the pain points they are facing during the transactions
  • What is the price they are willing to pay for it



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Deval Agnihotri Mentorship and Advisory

Deval Agnihotri Mentorship and Advisory

I am a startup mentor, angel investor and stock trader. I write about ideas for helping startups grow and become profitable.